Redning i naturtro omgivelser



Training in realistic surroundings





Development and delivery of safety related training programs, in compliance
with regulatory requirements, specific international standards and customer needs
for the scope of the training including technical service and equipment control.


Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in satisfied participants

At RESC it is important that our course participants are satisfied and have found that our courses are a combination of keen instructors with excellent service and safety.

We endeavour to be a reliable training partner, providing knowledge and skills that trainees can easily transfer to their daily work and routines. That is why we assess each course, so that we can quickly optimise processes or elements that were less than ideal with regard to technical content or the way the course was presented.

However, those who attend our courses are generally satisfied, and comment in particular on our expert instructors and realistic exercise settings.

The chart here shows a summary of how satisfied our course participants have been with our activities and service. We use a scale from 1 to 5, where 3 is average. Our ambition is that 95% of course participants should assess their courses as ‘better than average.

About RESC

Rescue in lifelike and atmospheric surroundings

We have always had a tradition of looking ahead and adapting ourselves to change. The old white-washed farmhouse was previously the homestead of the Danish Civil Defence, after which, it was turned into a fire training school in the 1980s. Later, it was turned into a rescue training school specialising in maritime, but after the construction of the permanent connection over Storebælt, the ferries disappeared and the school had to find a new base. Knowledge and training in prevention and safety has now become our area of expertise and business.

We offer training in traditional emergency preparedness and fire services to the transport and offshore sectors, the maritime and windmill industries, and telecommunication services. With daily courses and practical experience from real rescue operations, we know what is needed to provide participants in our courses with the right knowledge and relevant competencies to help them handle all types of challenges connected to heights, depth containment, fire and fumes.

RESC is a Danish knowledge centre that offers a diverse range of unique facilities that match the conditions in the real world. Our special training sites combined with our intensive familiarity with conduct and safety courses prepare course participants for critical and hazardous situations, so they will be able to initiate preventive measures and successfully handle them.

Our buildings and facilities have a good atmosphere and are idyllically situated between water, fields and forests. From many training areas, you can look directly at Tårnborg Church from the 1200s and Korsør Nor, the largest lake in Denmark measuring 10 km2. The lake runs into Storebælt with the  Storebælt Bridge rising impressively over the water.

We have partnered with the Selandia Centre for Vocational Training in connection with the following objective of the Adult Vocational Training Programmes (AMU) – 45083 accidents in the workplace and conduct in emergency situations (link in Danish).

Meet all the staff at RESC and see the images of our professional facilities below.




Slagelse Landevej 3
DK – 4220 Korsør
Telephone +45 58 57 97 00