Everyone at RESC goes about their tasks with enthusiasm and delight. We possess an innate curiosity and are always keen to continuously expand our knowledge. We are used to meeting and talking with many types of people, which enables us to rapidly identify the needs of the target group, the specific situation and where to start. Our instructors are almost immediately connected to the tasks, which means that there are not many steps to go through once you have made the initial telephone call until the first day of the course.



+45 5857 9718

René is RESC’s centre manager. He has a passion for preparing people to meet the challenges that arise in hazardous jobs. His vision is to turn RESC into a leading training centre that is known for its high quality knowledge. René has 25 years’ experience in Danish emergency preparedness and has tried most things related to ambulance driving, fire and special rescue tasks. In addition, he has maintained his interest in education and  leadership.


Instructor & quality coordinator

+45 5857 9710

Michael generally works as an instructor for fall protection and rescue at heights, but he also teaches the special courses. He has been involved in fire and rescue for many years as an instructor and active participant in emergency preparedness. Michael approaches tasks and people with pleasure and humour. He is known for his extreme patience and toughness – competencies that have most likely been attained through his leisure time occupation as a spinning instructor.


Course administrator

Nina manages everything connected to course administration with a firm, but gentle hand. Being highly conscious of offering good service and always having a positive attitude towards her duties, Nina follows up all practical tasks linked to bookings, enrolment and confirmations, regardless of whether they are large or small. In short, Nina ensures that the entire booking process is optimised to make it easy for customers in a professional way.



Robert is one of RESC’s longest serving instructors. As with all our instructors, he teaches most of the courses offered at the centre, although his main passion lies within fire, maritime and the offshore sector. Robert is a professional in the truest meaning of the word and is known as the ‘happy man’ of the team. He always has a smile and a witty remark on hand.


Service & cleaning

Jannie is the most ‘invisible’ person at RESC, but she plays an important role in its day-to-day affairs. She starts work early in the morning to ensure that all our premises are clean and shining, and her meticulousness makes course participants feel welcome. On occasion, you will find Jannie in the kitchen. If you meet Jannie, you will recognise her immediately as she never fails to greet you with a smile.