Basic height rescue and evacuation

The course will enable participants to make a plan for evacuating a colleague with a fall arrester, so that a rescue can be carried out quickly and safely after a fall from a height. Participants can carry out evacuation and begin the rescue of a colleague hanging on a line, using a harness or stretcher for lowering or hauling up. The participant can select suitable height rescue equipment and use it correctly, and administer first aid. Participants gain know of the Work Environment Authority guidelines in the area and EN standards for CE marking on the equipment used.

Employees in the building and construction industry.

Employees in the wind turbine industry.

Personnel employed by the emergency services.

Employees in the offshore industry.


  • To have an understanding of fall theory.
  • To be able to form a rescue plan.
  • To carry out planned work at height in accordance with current Work Environment Authority requirements for use of fall protection.
  • Operation and use of various types of protective gear in accordance with current requirements and standards.
  • Participants must be able to evacuate themselves.
  • To carry out evacuation and begin the rescue of a colleague hanging on a line, using a harness or stretcher, for instance for lowering or hauling up.
  • To be able to select suitable equipment for rescue at height, use it correctly and administer first aid.


  • Fall protection.
  • Fall theory.
  • Inspection of equipment.
  • Making an evacuation plan.
  • Knowledge of equipment and norms.
  • Making and identifying anchor points.
  • Evacuation from height.
  • Rescue and evacuation in and from wind turbines.
  • Lowering a person on a stretcher.
  • Knots and hitches.

2 days

Continual checks by means of questioning techniques in the theoretical part. The participant completes all exercises with satisfactory results. We issue a certificate when training is completed.

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