N-gas training course for emergency response

The course provides the participant with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be able to deploy powder and fog spray to fight different types of natural gas leaks with and without flames.

Firefighters, team leaders and on-site commanders attached to the Danish National Rescue Preparedness Corps or the Danish Emergency Management Agency. Team leaders and on-site commanders are given the opportunity to train at management level during the practical exercises.

Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to manage and control non-ignited gas clouds and gas jets, flames and high-pressure fires. Through a number of emergency response exercises, participants will be trained to operate in safety and rescue teams, as well as the rescue of class 1 persons in the event of a natural gas fire. Participants will be trained in extinguishing gas fires with water, powder and a combination thereof. The different types of firefighting training include excavation damage, subterranean fires with gas detection, clamping off gas pipelines, jet fires and processing fires.

Max 12 participants

Meals and refreshments are always included in our training courses.

Our trainers are experienced teachers with special knowledge and training in fighting natural gas fires.

From 8am – 3pm on weekdays or weekends

Continual checks by means of questioning techniques in the theoretical part.

The participant completes all exercises with satisfactory results.

We issue a certificate when training is completed.