Cardiac arrest first aid
– refresher course

3 hours (180 minutes)

Participants will be able to act upon previously learned first aid skills and act in accordance with the 4 key steps of first aid in relation to cardiac arrest.

Participants will be able to give Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to an unconscious adult with irregular breathing, both with and without a defibrillator (AED).

Participant can give first aid to stroke and coronary thrombosis victims.


  • Repetition of content from the “First aid for cardiac arrest” basic training course
  • Repetition of content from the “First aid for accidents” basic training course
  • First aid for coronary thrombosis and stroke
  • Realistic exercises are practised with emphasis on training participants in practical skills

The course is carried out with the assumption that the participants have completed the “First aid for cardiac arrest” and “First aid for accidents” basic training courses or the “CPR” and “Resuscitation with defibrillator” modules within the last 24 months.

The focus of the training is hands-on learning.

An electronic certificate is issued for the “Cardiac arrest first aid refresher” course provided that the participants have been active and involved throughout the duration of the course. As this is a refresher course, it does not replace any previously acquired course/training certificates. Participants must still present these to document a certification.

Please note that the Danish First Aid Council recommends that a refresher course is completed every 24 months following the completion of the corresponding basic training course in order to ensure that the highest possible first aid skill is maintained.

Participants are free to select between two courses (“Life-saving first aid refresher course” and “Cardiac arrest first aid refresher course”), but the “Cardiac arrest first aid refresher course” must be completed within a 48 month timeframe. One can therefore complete the “Life-saving first aid refresher” course within the first 24 months.