Traffic-related first aid (car/motorcycle/tractor)
– specialist training course

4 hours (240 minutes)

Participants will be able to act in accordance with the 4 key steps of first aid and ABC method, as well as give relevant life-saving first aid to victims of typical traffic-related accidents on roads and streets involving cars, motorcycles or tractors.

Participants will be able to react to traffic-related car/motorcycle accidents that appear life-threatening or that could develop into life-threatening situations and give relevant first aid to victims with slight or major injuries, as well as describe the course of events to ambulance personnel.

Participants will be able to identify where potentially dangerous situations can occur when driving a car, motorcycle or tractor. Participants will have reflected on their own attitudes and the precautions they can take to prevent the typical causes of traffic injuries and deaths.


  • Overview of the course framework, method of instruction, content and requirements
  • Prevention methods with material supplied by the Danish Council for Traffic Safety and the Danish First Aid Council
  • Responding to traffic accidents in accordance with the 4 key steps of first aid
  • Safely moving victims from cars and securing the scene of the accident
  • First aid for the most commonly sustained injuries in traffic accidents

If the “Traffic-related first aid (car/motorcycle/tractor)” course certificate is required for the acquisition of a driving licence, the participant must also have completed the 4-hour “First aid for cardiac arrest” course as part of a certification process which includes this course or in connection with the acquisition of “Traffic-related first aid for young moped drivers” within the last 36 months.

This course is valid only for the acquisition of car-, MC-or tractor licences. Refer to the Danish government order on driver’s licences for more information about accreditation rules.

The certificate for this elective training course must not be older than 12 months when it is used in connection with an application for a driver’s licence.