Get trained in working safely with gas

Behaviour and safety courses in handling of natural gas is one of our key assignments.

If your staff needs training in natural gas incident handling, RESC always delivers to the highest standards and we ensure that the achieved competences are easily translated from the class room to the outside world.

We practice realistic training methods and we ensure that our instructors always provide the latest knowledge.

With our vast expertise in the field, we can always find the right training programme which suits your needs, and we ensure that you always hold the right safety certificate and have the knowledge required for the task in question.

Thus if you want to improve your organisation’s safety skills and culture, let us help you find the right course, so you are prepared when the chips are down.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our standard or specific courses, or are in need of a tailored training programme meeting your specific needs.

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