Fire Team Member – Refresher course

This course is designed to help participants refresh their practical skills related to smoke-diving and fighting fires on vessels.

Maritime staff who function as smoke divers in connection with fires on vessels.

Individuals who have completed a 3-day firefighting on vessels course in accordance with the STCW Convention will be accepted on the course.


  • To refresh instruction on the respiratory system.
  • The refreshing of smoke-diving tactics.
  • To refresh knowledge on how to lay hoses.
  • To refresh knowledge on fire extinguishing techniques.
  • To repeat the build-up and effect of smoke-diving equipment.
  • To carry out search exercises on smoke-diving trails and in buildings.
  • To complete two emergency response drills with rescue and fire extinguishing exercises on training ships.

Joint courses are offered with up to 16 participants.

Catering services are always provided on our courses.

The school’s subject instructors with special maritime expertise.

8 hours. Weekdays or weekends as agreed with the school.

Continual testing through questions on the theoretical part of the course. Participants must complete all the exercises with a satisfactory result. A certificate will be issued upon completion of the training.

This training course has been quality assured in accordance with the requirements of the Danish Maritime Authority. Participants must bring valid health documentation in the form of a seaman’s discharge book, or an examination or health certificate that is less than two years old or a 3-day basic training.

The Danish Maritime Authority introduced a requirement in 1994 stating that the refresher course must be renewed at least every five years.

Thus, certificates for the basic firefighter course will expire after five years if it includes smoke-diving, unless one or more refresher courses are taken.

The course has been approved by the Danish Maritime Authority and meets the requirements of the STCW Convention.